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We are committed to helping migrants in Cape Town during the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities and worsening the already dire situation of the most vulnerable in South Africa.

Working class and impoverished migrants living in South Africa belong to the ranks of the most vulnerable and precarious. Many working class and poor migrants have already lost their jobs, and have had to close their small businesses under the national lock-down. In the absence of any form of state support for most migrants, we are appealing for support through financial, material, and volunteers . Providing some emergency relief for identified migrants and their families.

Based on the scale of needs and the known dynamics of migrant livelihoods, the initial focus will be on female-headed households, female migrants and then other groups of precarious and working-class migrants. So far we have identified 842 people we can help in various locations in Cape Town.

Our team

Tess Yieke

Tsitsi Mpofu-Mketwa

Henrietta Nyamnjoh

Takalani Yolanda Tshililo

Kolade Arogundade

Faisal Garba Muhammed (PhD)

Laura Freeman


How you can donate.

Our current goal: R 168,400
This will ensure that each person identified gets a R200 cash send. We hope to exceed this amount and offer more consistent support over time to the most vulnerable.

What a donation of R200 can buy.

  1. 5kg of mielie meal - R50
  2. 1l of UHT milk - R15
  3. A 1kg bag of sugar - R23
  4. 2l of cooking oil - R50
  5. Tea bags - R12
  6. 500g of carrots - R10
  7. A butternut - R15
  8. A bunch of spinach - R13
  9. A cabbage - R12

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